a 'crate' idea gets better

So, I told you about my shelving made from crates.  Well, I had a coupon for half off one item at A.C. Moore and snagged another crate for only $5!  I haven't had time yet to seal it, so it is not the same color as the other crates.  Though, I don't mind, I love them!
Even more than I love my shelves, I love decorating them.  I just wanted to share with you my Christmas decorations on my crate shelves.
I didn't change much of what I had, just took the leaves away and used some Christmas tree clippings.  I even found those berry things in the vase up top in Christmas colors to replace my fall ones at A.C. Moore.  They were about .40 each!  I think they are meant to be floral picks...you know, to spruce up floral arrangements.
Then, I used the vase filler I picked up for $3 at Wal Mart after Halloween.  Remember, I put some leaves in it fall it up a bit.  I took out the leaves and used Christmas tree clippings that I got for FREE!  I purposely got the vase filler pack that had pine cones, red fruit and red berries so that I could reuse it at Christmas time.  I took a larger Christmas tree branch (FREE) and put it in the unfinished crate (sigh) I'm in love.  I had to move some of the books around so that this new crate felt just as much a part of my shelving solution as the rest.  I finished off the shelving with some snowflake ornaments (10 for $1 at Dollar Tree), some small ornaments I had left over from my other decorating projects (12 for $1 at Dollar Tree) and the rest of the left over red berry stuff I used on my wreath ($3 for the whole spray at A.C. Moore).  I must say, I love how this turned out and it took me maybe a total of 10 minutes...even better!
The last thing I added to my shelves were some little Christmas trees I made (I will give you a tutorial later).  they weren't my favorite when I first finished them but, they are growing on me.  OH, and I can't forget my precious little sparkly green present ornament that I am in love with (and not just because it was a buck at Wal Mart!).
There you have it...my shelving gone from fall to winter in one fell swoop!  What are your decorating ideas for Christmastime?

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