Foodie Friday: handheld breakfast

As you may or may not know...I'm in love with bacon.  I'm not joking...I'm addicted.  So, naturally I gravitated to all the recipes containing bacon on pinterest.  This week I made a handheld breakfast and it was quite tasty.

Here is how I did it...


Foodie Friday: one poppin' treat

It's been not even a week since I finished with my summer job (working at a youth camp) and I haven't had a day with nothing to do since.  I'm loving it...being productive is so much more fun that procrastinating.  Who would have thought?

Well, since I've been back I have been trying my hardest not to get sucked into Pinterest for hours on end...but, it's SOOO easy to do.  While I enjoying all the beautiful things and clever ideas I came across a few recipes I wanted to try.  I then realized how full my recipe pin  board was getting and decided that I didn't want to have a board full of recipes and not intent on making them all.  So, I've set a goal.  My goal is to make at least one new recipe a week.

I know that before this summer I was doing a 'Friday update' in which I updated you on changes in my house.  I've decided to tweak that a bit.  From now until eternity...I stop finding recipes I want to try every Friday will be Foodie Friday here on my blog!  Aren't you just so stinking excited?  I know, me too!

This week I want to start off with a quick and easy appetizer that I made and devoured rather quickly last night.  I made jalapeno bacon popper...minus the jalapenos and double bacon!  Here is how I did it


new obsessions

The past few weekends I have discovered my new obsessions...and I've got it bad.  One is called Pinterest, which is an online pin board of inspiration.  You can 'pin' images from all over the web (and if you get the app on your phone from anywhere) and organize them.  The images are linked to the site they came from, which comes in SO handy with tutorials!  The other is called Polyvore, you may have heard of it.  Polyvore is a site where you can make an inspiration board of sorts for fashion.  I am so stinkin' hooked on this one.  I accidentally posted a few sets yesterday...I love this site!


free money for school

Lately I've been thinking about going back to school.  The biggest and worst draw back is MONEY!  We don't have it...but would sure love some!  I registered on a scholarship finding site when I was in high school and just recently went back and updated my information to see what kind of funding would be available to me.  The site I use is called FastWeb and it is completely free.  All you do is sign up and put in some info then it searches the internet for scholarships which you quality for and lists them all in one place for you.  How much easier could it get?  Some scholarships are essay contests and other are simple entries.  You can choose which to enter and which to discard.  I applied for probably five or six scholarships in about a half hour this afternoon!  Now granted, I'm not expecting to win every single one of the scholarships I entered...though, I have a better chance now than if I had never entered.  It didn't cost me a thing and barely took any time...can't beat that!

2/50 Shoe Challenge - Platform Sandals

1/50 Shoe Challenge - Pumps

1/50 Shoe Challenge - Pumps

Chiffon cocktail dress
£30 - bankfashion.co.uk

Zara shoes
$100 - zara.com

Lanvin handbag
$1,350 - kirnazabete.com


life update

Well, summer is almost over and so is summer camp.  Which means I will be able to craft and blog more!  As much as I love working at camp I also miss my craft times!  I mentioned about my anniversary in some earlier posts, it was July 30th and my husband flew me out to California to see him!  Talk about an AWESOME first anniversary.  I haven't traveled much...at all so it was pretty much the most exciting thing ever! 

I flew into L.A. on a Friday afternoon and drove to where my husband is stationed, about an hour north west.  I felt like I was in a movie driving down the PCH!  The traffic was ridiculous but, it allowed me more time to enjoy the scenery.  I got to my husbands base and got settled in and we went to Santa Monica for a date night.  We spent the rest of the weekend thrift store and boutique browsing and just spending time together.  It was such a magnificent trip and the best way I could think of to spend my first anniversary.  We celebrated our actual anniversary on Saturday with a trip to a Japanese Steakhouse...our absolute favorite kind of restaurant EVER!  On Sunday we make eggs and toast and went to a Salsa festival then walked along the beach and grabbed some pizza.  Sunday night Matt had to head back to his dorms.  
Monday morning I woke up bright and early to see Matt one last time before he comes home in just under two months.  He was wearing his 'soldier clothes' (as I so lovingly call them) and it was so hard to say 'bye'!  Though, we're closer to the end than the beginning...he'll be home before we know it!  I flew back on Monday afternoon and arrived Monday night.  Tuesday morning I headed back to camp and there I stayed for the week.

Just one more week of camp left for me then I have to get a real job...booo!  However, I am excited about different opportunities and doors God is opening in my life and we are so excited to see what the next year of our live together holds (no, we aren't talking babies over here!) and where God will lead us!
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