wedded bliss weekend

Well, my best friend is now a married woman!  Yesterday she married her knight in shining armor at an American/Japanese wedding wonderland.  The wedding weekend started off with a rehearsal dinner (of course) where the bride and grooms family all wore traditional Japanese attire.  The grooms family flew in form Japan and brought with them the gorgeous outfits.  They even had an extra that I got to wear!


sweet summertime

Well, it's here folks...SUMMER!  Yay for beach days and pool time and vacations and all that jazz!  I will be having some extra fun this summer, I am working at a youth camp!  I'm so excited to work at camp again this summer.  I worked at this same camp two summers ago, it's actually where I first met my husband (but totally wasn't interested...funny story)!  I will be at the camp all week and home some weekends.  I've got a busy summer, two weddings and a one year wedding anniversary trip to Cali! I will most certainly blog when I can (oh, those weddings will for sure be documented on here, don't you worry!) about whatever.  I know this blog has turned a little bit more into a personal blog and I'm okay with that...as long as you are!  The posts may be a wee bit more personal than most of my previous posts.  Though, I pinky promise...if I complete a craft I will be sharing it with you!

I hope you have a magnificent summer full of fun and excitement!


jump on these deals...PRONTO

Once again, Groupon is offering some AWESOME deals!  First, they have the 5 one-night Blockbuster Express rentals for $2!  That's 3 rentals for FREE!  To find this deal, search for deals in Orlando.

Even better though, they are offering $20 worth of merchandise at Old Navy for $10!  Say what?  $10 to spend at Old Navy?  Yes, please!  Hurry though, this offer ends soon!!

To create an account head on over to Groupon.com and sign up.  It is super simple and totally FREE!  Groupon is a daily deal site that offers discounts up to 80% off in any area.  Once you have an account, set your city and state and you will be shown deals available in your area.  However, you can always buy deals from other areas.  Some offers are redeemable online, making them accessible to customers in any area.  The certificates (if that is what you bought) will be emailed to you to print out and use whenever you like.  You can also send these offers as gifts!
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