add some merry, make it bright

So, now you have your fresh cut, possibly free (if not then amazingly inexpensive) wreath ready to display with pride.  However, as beautiful as this little dandy is...I just had to add some sparkle and shine.  I chose to use my 'Merry Christmas' ornament (seen here) I picked up at Wal-Mart for $1 along with a set of red ornaments from Wal-Mart for only $1 as well.  I used the floral wire I used when making the wreath to attach the ornaments.
I simply threaded it trough the hanger on the ornament and secured it by twisting the wire.  That left me with a wire to wrap around the branch to attach the ornament.  Remember, you want the metal hanger part of the ornament to be hidden by the branches.  I was at A.C. Moore and picked up some filler floral stuff made up of red berries.  They were 70% off the weekend after Thanksgiving.  May I say "SCORE!!"  I also had some silver bells (Frank Sinatra is singing in my head right now) left over from the package of ornaments we bought last year.  I didn't quite like then on the Christmas tree this year.  The 'Merry Christmas' ornament I hung from the top so that it would dangle in the middle.  I must say, I like this wreath better than any of those out of control, over priced, half the size and a quarter of the 'awesomeness' ones I've seen in the stores.
All in all, it took me less than half an hour to make this wreath, from start to finish and only costs about $5!

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