wee little tree

I needed some Christmas decorations but didn't have tons of money to do so.  I had bought some Styrofoam cones from the Dollar Tree a little while back for $1 each.  I was planning on using them for a project that I never really got to...so, I thought I should probably try and use them for my Christmas decorations.  I had the leaves left over from the red berry bush thing I bought to use on my wreath.  I was planning on throwing the leaves away, I only wanted the berry clusters.  To be completely honest, I hadn't cleaned up my mess and the leaves were still on the stem laying on the floor (just ask my husband, I tend to leave things...well, everywhere!)  I took the leaves and cut them apart (each one had three leaves attached) with normal kitchen scissors.  Then, I just hot glued the leaves to the cones one at a time, trying to keep them in somewhat of a pattern.
I used some brown ribbon I had left over and wrapped it around my tree, hot gluing along the way.  I added some red ribbon, wrapping it around the same way.  I also put some little stray berries that fell off the bush for some added pizazz!  I tried this as well reversing the order I glued on the ribbon and leaves.  I made one where I put the ribbon on first then glues the leaves around the ribbon.  I used less leaved doing it the second way.
Well, there you have it.  Wee little Christmas trees for decorating with.  I must admit, after I first made  these little guys I wasn't too impressed at all.  Though, after a while they kind of grew on me...now, I do love their unique little quality!  I hope you enjoy these little trees as much as I do!

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