freezer paper Christmas

This Christmas I went a wee little bit crazy with my freezer paper stencils.  I LOVE them!  I made a bag for my mother-in-law and three sisters-in-law as well as a freezer paper stenciled shirt for my sweet niece.  I am so addicted to these babies!  I just wanted to share with you the most wonderful and simplest personalization trick.  I showed you here how to make a freezer paper stencil (read up quickly...we'll wait for you).  I just bought a pack of three canvas bags from Wal-Mart, I actually got two sets.  Once I got home I found clip art online that I wanted to use and used Microsoft Word to print out the letters and names. 

I found an ornate princess crown for my sister-in-law who loves Disney Princess'.   I used pink and white and gradually lightened the color by adding more and more white to the pink.  Now, this stencil took me quite a while to cut out but, I think it was well worth it!

I found a simple Fleur de lis for one of my sisters-in-law, I graduated from teal to purple doing the same as I did with the pink.  I decided to stencil the first letter of her name in bronze.  To do this, I waited for the Fleur de lis to dry completely and then started the stencil process over again.

and a  polka dot pattern in University of Florida colors for my seventeen year old sister-in-law.  Again, I did the polka dots first, waited for them to dry completely and stenciled the name on.

I then found a stylized letter K for my mother-in-law.

For my niece, I found a hand making the sign language sign for 'I love you'.  She is deaf and I knew this would mean a lot to her, I then just printed her name to put underneath the hand.  Now she can wear a declaration of our love for her!

I put a little something special in each bag for the ladies then wrapped them up and delivered them for Christmas!  I was so pleased with how they all turned out.  It never seems to amaze me when I full my freezer paper stencil off....it's like magic every time!  It's so easy to make personalized gifts this way and especially for those people with unique or hard to find names.

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