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I love a good sale!  I most love that fall decorations all go on MAJOR sale the day after Halloween.  It's like 'helooooo?!  Are we skipping Thanksgiving?"  So, this thrifty gal gets most all of my fall decorations after Halloween, just in time for all to see at Thanksgiving.
This is my first year in my own house for Thanksgiving and I don't have much space so, I am trying my hardest to get smaller things that will make the most impact.  For instance, I needed throw pillows so I got fall themed place mats to make those (find out how I did it here and here).  It's killing two birds with one stone (except no birds were harmed).  I also used fall colors in the floral arrangements I chose to display (you can see some here).
Well, I stopped by my local A.C. Moore to check out their 'fall decor sale' and was thrilled to find it at 75% off!  SCORE!  I got four stems of decorative ball thingies...look at the pictures, they are hard to describe, for a quarter a piece!  I also got a few stems of some dark purple flowers for a dollar each.  I just added the dark purple flowers to my already pink ones, to fall-ize them a bit more.  I also went to the dollar tree and got a pack of decorative leaves (I actually got more than one...but those crafts will come later!).  The leaves had some very see through ones that I couldn't use for my intended project, I decided to fill the bottom of the vase with these to give it a little more weight.  I then just put my little sticks back in and rearranged a bit to make it more of a focal point.
Oh and side note: when on a little bitty budget, rearranging can be the best redecorating ever!  I put some of the sticks I bought on my side table (check out the makeover here) in the little sea grass mixture.  This did two things, changed up the standard arrangement and repeated the 'theme'.  Which, the little sticks aren't a theme so much but, you get the idea.  By repeating or duplicating something, you make it a collection or a grouping which makes it look so much more planned!
I know this wasn't a mind-blowing idea but I do hope that it at least inspires someone to create (or recreate) something beautiful!

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