Goals Scrambled. Outcome: Scrabble!

So....remember those goals I set back in January?  I did so well on meeting my January and February goal!  Check out my Barbie Birthday Cake and Lumpia.  I know that my March goal was to make a flowerpot jewelry holder but...I kind of skipped ahead.  I jumped on down to my June goal of making scrabble tile throw pillows.  With good reason!

My husband's best friend is getting married...TODAY!  We drove from Florida up to Northern Virgina for the special day.  I knew that I wanted to make the couple something rather than buy it...I'm that kind of gal.

I just knew the scrabble tile pillows I keep seeing all over Pinterest would be the perfect little gift for this funky fun couple.

Here's how I did it...


embriodery hoop art

We've recently moved into a new place and we got to paint the walls...ALL the walls!  Our landlord agreed to pay for the paint (the place needed a fresh coat) if my husband and I would paint the walls.

We jumped on that chance and chose Sherwin Williams 'Blonde' for most all of the walls.  Though, for the kitchen we went with Sherwin Williams Nurture Green.  I loved it so much that I decided to do an accent wall in the bedroom in it.  I love love love how it looks with our orange bedspread (picked up on clearance for $45 at Target).

There is a soffit above the bed and I knew that I wanted to put some sort of art on that wall.  We do not have a bed frame, so a headboard wasn't going to work plus I didn't want anything too bulky.  I remembered some simple art I saw on pinterest.  I absolutely love how it turned out...here's how I did it...



My grandma used to make potato cakes all the time and I remember my older sister absolutely loving them.  I never really cared too much about them.  Then, one day a few months ago I had some left over mashed potatoes and thought 'hmmm....I bet the hubs would like some potato cakes' and called my mom to get the recipe.

I knew it was simple...but I didn't realize it was THIS simple!  I customized my cakes a wee bit more than my grandma would have...but, she wasn't married to a Puerto Rican who LOVES seasoning!

Here's how I did it...


Lumpia: revisited

If you recall, my first attempt at lumpia wasn't exactly a success.  Yeah, the hubby and brother-in-law gobbled them up like they were going out of style.  Though, they just weren't pretty and I wasn't quite satisfied with the outcome.

I wouldn't quite until I felt as though I had conquered it and by golly...I did!!

Here's how I did it...


German Chocolate Cake Frosting

Yesterday I shared with you the recipe I used to make German chocolate cupcakes.  Today, it's the frosting.

 This recipe was so simple and did not take long to make at all.  The ingredients are common and nothing crazy that I would never use again.

I made cupcakes rather than a layered cake.  So, I decided to cut my cupcakes in half and put a layer of frosting between the two 'layers' of cake.

Here's how I did it...


Foodie Friday: German Chocolate Cupcakes

It's a Foodie Friday over here and you know what that mean!  A delicious and simple food recipe for all of my friends in blogland.  This week you're in for a real treat...a sweet treat!  I have a SUPER simple German chocolate cupcake recipe for you.

I make the dessert of choice for each of my co-workers on their birthday.  I've made a strawberry Barbie cake, yeast rolls (recipe to come) and this month German chocolate cake.  Though, halfway into make the batter I realized that I do not own any round cake pans...only cupcake pans.  So, cupcakes it is!

Here's how I did it...

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