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Got your attention with that title didn't I?  Today, I wanted to share with you the cutest cookies I have ever made in my whole entire life.  I made them for a bridal lingerie shower and they were a HUGE hit.  A friend of mine had made these for her sisters bridal shower and posted the pics on Facebook, I saw them, loved them and recreated them myself!

You will need:
Small heart cookie cutter
Sugar cookie dough
Royal Icing (tinted to your desired colors)
Icing bag
Small Icing Tips and Cuplets (available at local craft stores, all I got for this cookie costs me less than $5)

Roll out the cookie dough.  Use the cookie cutter to make hearts, you will need two for each guests.  Cut the pointy tip off of half of the hearts with the rounded edge of the cookie cutter.  You will need one full heart and one cut heart for each guest.  Bake the cookies as directed and let cool.  Ice the cookies using the royal icing in an icing bag.  It is vitally important that you use only royal icing, it is the kind that hardens so that you can stack them.  For my sister I used teal and black tinted royal icing.  The consistency of  the royal icing really plays a part in how easy it is to pipe on.  The thicker it is, the harder it is to work with though, the thinner it is the quicker it is to spread.  I recommend having some extra cookies on hand to practice with!  Make different types of underwear on the cookies, give them each a unique look.
Once your icing has dried store the cookies in an air tight container.  Since we were using these as favors we got clear treat bags to put the cookies in.  We simply folded the bag over and taped it shut because we were in a time crunch and had no ribbon to tie it with!  I also recommend using a small piece of cardboard or card stock even to put behind the cookies in the bag to keep them in place and make them a little bit more sturdy.
Like I said, these were a huge success at the lingerie shower and so yummy too!  Now, this was not the easiest craft I have ever done but it sure is one of my favorite!  Get inspired, create something spectacular!

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