good-bye clothes, hello cash!

If you're anything like me, you have clothes in your closet that you haven't worn in...well, you can't remember when the last time you wore them!  Spring is here and that means it is time to clean up and clean out.  You may clean out your closets and donate what you don't want anymore to a thrift store or a charitable cause.  Though, I've got a better idea!

Find a consignment store in your area and sell your clothes there.  Why not make a little cash from your clothes?

Most consignment stores will take your clothes and put them in their store for sale.  They keep a record of what items you brought in.  They price the items and when they are sold you are credited a certain portion of the sale.  Then, each month you call the store to see if you have a check to pick up.  My local consignment store gives me 40% from the sale of my items and cuts me a check once I have $10 to pick up.

I've brought in items from prom dresses to shorts to shoes to handbags to jewelry.  My local consignment store does have some restrictions on brands, such as no Wal-Mart, Target or Kmart brands.  However, each store is different and you have to find out the specific policies of the store you choose to consign in.  My store also requires me to bring my clothes in washed, ironed and hanging, or they won't accept them.

Usually consignment stores will keep your clothes in the store for a set amount of time and if they don't sell by that time they donate them to a charity of their choice.

There are also some consignment stores, like Plato's Closet who pay you on the spot for your clothing.  The only down side of this is the person 'buying' at the time decides what they want to take and each time it could be a different person.

So go raid your closet, find a consignment store in your area and make some money off of those clothes you don't (or can't) wear anymore!


  1. what consignment shop do you go to? I would love to do this, but last time I went to plato's i recieved about $3....LAME! haha! i would love to hear your input.


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