a butchers best kept secret

When I first heard about the technique I am going to show you I was a tad bit skeptical.  All the blogs I read that used it raved about how easy it was.  However, a lot of those blogs also make out of this world crafts and say they are easy too.  Then, my friend who has a blog told of how she did this technique.  I was sold!  I must admit, this technique WAS just as easy as everyone said it was!

For this project you will need:
Freezer Paper (not wax or parchment...freezer, like butchers use.  I got mine at Wal-Mart next to the wax paper)
Craft knife
Print Out of what you would like your stencil to look like
Pen or marker in a dark color
Craft Paint
Paint Brush

Step 1: trace onto the freezer paper (you should not be writing on the shiny side) the design you have printed out using the dark pen or marker.
Step 2: use the craft knife to cut out the pattern you have just traced onto the freezer paper.  I cut on top of an old magazine so I didn't cut up our coffee table.  Be sure to keep the insides of letters so that your letters aren't just blobs!

Step 3: use a warm (not hot) iron to iron on the stencil you now have.  Don't forget those little inside parts of your letters or designs.  Just a quick press will adhere the stencil.  Make sure you have the stencil shiny side down.

Step 4: use the paintbrush to fill in the stencil with the paint of your choice.  You can use fabric paint for projects dealing with fabric or just plain craft paint works just as well.  You can get both kinds of paint at your local craft store.

Step 5: allow the paint to set for a few moments and then peel off the stencil.  Now, this is a one time use stencil...but so worth it!

I can't believe how easy this is...it kills me that I didn't try this technique sooner.  I love it and plan on using it for MANY different things.

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