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When it came time for me to think about a guest book for my wedding I had some serious opinions.  I did not want the typical guest book in which guests write their name on a line.  Then, you put the book away and never even look at it again.  Being the thrifty (a.k.a. cheap) gal I am, I needed something that would at least serve some kind of purpose.  Well, we had two sets of engagement pictures taken.  One by our friend here in Jacksonville, Jacob at One Bright Spot Photography.  They were awesome.  We recreated our first date, Moon River (local pizza temple...heavenly pizza), Starbucks (as mentioned, an addiction to my husband) and a nearby park.  We were SO impressed with these pics and wanted everyone to see them.  We also had engagement pictures taken by a friend of mine, Lauren Mason at Piccadilly Pictures based out of Orlando.  We found an 'airplane graveyard' in St. Augustine and then took some shots while walking around St. Augustine.  You can check out some of our pics on my snaps page.
We had a lot of pics and wanted to share as many as we could.  We displayed some of the pictures from both photographers at our Wedding and my Bridal Shower, but really wanted people to see ALL of them.  Plus, I wanted to be able to display the pictures in our house.
Then it hit me...a guest book that doubles as a photo album!  I went to my go-to photo project site...Shutterfly!  I made two 5x7 soft cover photo books, one for each set of photographs.  I used the layouts with a lot of space designated for text, I just didn't type any text in.  I was able to get the book in our wedding colors, brown and orange and I love it so much more than ANYTHING I saw in store.  My favorite thing about my guest books is that I do still use them.  They make great coffee table books.

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