center of attention

I must admit, I love a great centerpiece.  However, my husband and I only have a small pub style table that we rarely eat at.  Though, it's Christmastime so anything goes!  I started off with one of the glass vases I had left over from my wedding candy buffet (all found at thrift stores).   I put some of my FREE Christmas tree clippings inside the vase and added some of the left over ornaments(12 for $1 at Dollar Tree) from my other projects and also added some larger red glitter ornaments I picked up from A.C. Moore for less than a dollar for a pack of 5!
I decided to use a platter I had for the base.  It is a platter that I got a few years back, it matches my dishes...nothing super fancy.  I put some of my beloved Christmas tree clippings down on the platter and placed the now filled vase in the center.  I then used three of the large red sparkly ornaments to put in from of the vase and used green sparkly present ornaments (each only $1 at Wal Mart) to put on each side of the vase.  I threw in a few little berry thingies I had left over and filled in any gaps with smaller Christmas tree branches.  OH, I'm in love with this centerpiece!  I'm even more in love with the minuscule price tag!

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