fry it up...country style

Growing up in the South, country fried steak is a staple in a balanced diet!  My mom can make some pretty tasty country fried steak, in fact it is one of my favorite meals she makes!  Since I am now in Jacksonville and can't request it for Sunday dinner at her house anymore, I must make it.  I was so glad when I found out how simple it is to make!

Beef Cubed Steak
1 egg
Flour (I used pancake mix today and it worked great!)
Salt and Pepper
Seasoning (if you want any)

Crack egg in a bowl and add some milk.  The more milk you add, the less thick the mixture will be.  I wanted mine thick because I like more breading.  Mix the egg and milk.  I add salt and pepper to this mixture, my mom always salts and peppers the meat.  If you want extra seasoning add this before you fry it.  Pour some flour, or whatever you chose to use into a bowl.  Dip meat into egg mixture and coat both sides.  Dip coated meat into flour and coat both sides well.

Try adding seasoning to your flour to spice up the recipe a bit.  Pour vegetable oil into a pan and let warm up.  Cook steak in oil, truing over occasionally.  My and I like our steaks cooked well, we like the breading to be pretty crispy.  Once the meat is done, take out of oil and place on a plate or platter covered in paper towels, to soak up some of the grease.
Most people like gravy on their country fried steak.  We use the McCormick brand country gravy mix on ours.  I serve this with either white rice or mashed potatoes.  Either on is DELICIOUS!

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