center of attention (part 2)

So I raved about my new centerpiece yesterday...well, I had a few ideas on what you could do with the centerpiece.  I wanted to show you some of the alternatives.  For this one, I used two candlestick holders.  I got them from Dollar Tree for a buck a piece!  I started the same way as I did with my original idea by placing my FREE Christmas Tree clippings on the platter.  This time I put the two candlesticks on the platter and surrounded them with my three glittery present ornaments ($1 each as Wal Mart) and left over ornaments (12 for $1 at Dollar Tree).  I filled in with the larger ornaments I picked up at A.C. Moore for less than a buck!  I once again placed my little red berries around the ornaments for some added oomph!  I picked up the cinnamon scented candle sticks from Wal Mart for .50 each.  What a deal, this great looking centerpiece all for about five bucks!

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