chocolatey cheer packaged up

Now that you know how to make a tasty and quite simple treat, I'm going to share with you how I package them up for gifts.

The past couple of years Wal-Mart has sold Christmas storage containers for a reasonable price.  I got a set of 3 small containers for $3...that's only a buck a piece!  They also have larger containers which I use with the smaller ones to stack and make a tree of treats when I am giving larger amounts of larger sized treats!

I used some freezer paper I had left over (because it has a shiny side) and lined the inside of the container.  I filled up the containers with the yummy treats (pretzels and some brownies I made) the put the lid on.  I had some jute lying around that I bought a loooong time ago, I don't even remember what for.  Jute is that brown string stuff that you see tied around packages wrapped with brown paper.  I just tied it around the container and attached a little tag.  The tag was a left over scrap of scrapbook paper cut into a 2 inch by 2 inch square, left over from my baby block decoupage project.  I simple cut a whole in it and threaded it onto the jute, tied a sweet little bow and there you have it!

One cute, tasty, inexpensive, thoughtful Christmas gift!

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