gettin' scrappy

I shared with you yesterday my new completely free cut off shorts which I'm wearing right this very moment!  I can't wait to break 'em out while on the west coast...I'm probably going to pass or a California girl!

I promised you a little goody reveal using the scraps I had from my jeans...and here you are!

I simply cut a strip of denim from my left over leg bit and put that baby on my head.  I folded the strip over some and will probably wind up tacking it with a few stitches in a few places...or just cut the next strip narrower.

I clipped on a flower barrette I made a while back and there you go...one fine dandy!


free fashion refashion

I had this past week off from camp and got a chance to catch up on my magazine reading.  I then realized how badly I needed a pair of cut off jean shorts in my summer wardrobe.  Plus, I'm going to California this weekend to visit my husband and celebrate our one year wedding anniversary.  So...hello?  I'm going on vacation...I need new clothes.

Problem: less than no money in the 'Steph gets new clothes' fund.  Solution: rework some of what I got!


score some points

I just wanted to remind you of some websites I have suggested in the past.

First, My Points is a site that gives you points per dollar spent at common retailers.  Joining My Points is free and you can even ear points without purchasing a thing!  There are registrations you could sign up for, email click-thrus and even surveys to take.  Whenever I need to purchase something offline, I sign into my My Points account and search for the retailer on their site.  Once I find he retailer, I click through to the stores website and My Points is now able to track how much I spent at the store.  I am then rewarded with a certain number of points per dollar, each store has a different number of points.  Once I have accumulated points I can redeem them for gift cards!  If you remember a few months back I received $50 in gift cards, and all of that was from My Points!  I made money by buying things I was already planning on purchasing!

To join My Points you can simply register at the site or you can email me your name and email address and we both will receive an extra 750 points after you make your first purchase over $20!

Second is u.talk.back which, is a survey site.  You are emailed when surveys are available for you to take.  Once you complete the surveys you are rewarded with a predetermined amount of points.  Once you have accumulated enough points you can trade in your points for magazine subscriptions or gift cards.  Just last week I received my $50 gift card to Express after I traded in my points!

Third is My Survey and it is also a survey site.  Joining My Survey is free as well and you are emailed when surveys are available for you to take based on the information you provide (age, gender, location).  You then are rewarded points for completing the surveys and can trade them in for rewards whenever you like.  I joined My Survey not very long ago and have already been able to redeem some points for a $10 credit to Amazon (which my husband loved)!

To join, you can do so on your own through the site or, you can email me your name and email address and I will send you an invite with a direct link.

I just wanted to share with you these point earning opportunities that I have found online.  I know times are tough and money is tight, especially in our house.  By using these sites I've been able to 'make money' and it has helped us out!


get the picture part 2

I shared with you the new joy in my life that is my living room wall in a previous post.  I love how what I have turned out and I can't wait to add more and more pictures to the wall.

As I told you, I picked up some frames from thrift stores and ran into a few problems.  Two of the frames had no way of displaying or hanging them.  Weird, I know.  I was a wee bit confused as to how the manufacturer intended them to be used.  I also got two large frames that were meant to be hung vertically though, I needed one vertical and one horizontal.  The hanging hardware was a wire.  I grabbed my husbands power drill and solved these problems in a pinch!


get the picture

I'm still alive...in case you were wondering.  I've had a busy yet wonderful summer so far.  I've attended two beautiful weddings and worked six weeks at a youth camp.  I am gone all week at the camp and have been out of town a few of those weeks...my poor little apartment has been so empty!

However, I did manage to sneak in a little project last weekend while I was home.  I had forgotten my camera at camp, so the picture quality won't be so great.  You'll get the picture, though (pun COMPLETELY intended!)

I decided that I wanted to fill up the wall behind our sofa with pictures.  I have so many great pictures that I want to display...I just never did!



My friend Lauren, over at Piccadilly Pictures has a giveaway going on in honor of her new blog and website layouts.  Lauren is a fabulous photographer and a ton of fun.  She is giving away a photo session and all you have to do to enter is 'like' her Facebook page and send her a picture of you along with the type of photo session you would like it you win!!
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