all the trimmings (pt. 4)

If the door hanger I shared yesterday wasn't quite your style, I have just the thing for you.  Even if you loved the door hanger...I still have something to share with you!  Remember the inspiration I shared with you, the wreath my sister-in-law made with a wire coat hanger and twist ties?  If not, refresh yourself here.  Well, I went to go make my own and realized that I just got rid of all the wire hangers we had when I rearranged and cleaned out our closet
So, I improvised!  I simply laid out the branches in a straight line and used the wire to connect the branches.  Make sure the branches are all going the same way, they will lay much better.  With the wire being green, I could use a good bit and no one can see it.  Score!
Once I had connected the branches I took the two ends and connected them with the wire.  Voile!  There I had my traditional Christmas wreath.  My favorite part of this project is that it was completely free to me!  Tomorrow, I will share with you how I jazzed this baby up.

Click here for the beginning
Click here for my inspiration
Click Here for a modern version of  a Christmas door hanger

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  1. I FULLY intend on raiding some clipping piles this year!


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