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Ok...I know I've been posting a lot of deals, coupons and product reviews lately...but, I've got just one more for you.  This one is great, it's for Redbook Magazine.

Go here to Mamapedia (another daily deal site), use code FRIENDS5 to get $5 off of your order. There they  have 2 years of Redbook magazine for only $8...use your code and get 2 years for just $3!

Hurry though, this offer ends on April 6, 2011.  The cheapest I have found a one year subscription of Redbook is $8...this is a STEAL!

If for some strange reason, your code doesn't work try MOM5 for $5 off or REDBOOK40% to get the subscription for $4.80!


  1. I just read your "about me" page,and my husband is in basic training for the air force too! When did he leave and which AFB did he go to? Feel free to follow my blog at usplustwo2008.blogspot.com
    Thanks! Kelsie

  2. My husband left March 22nd and is at Lackland AFB in Texas.

  3. So he is just starting out then, My husband has two weeks left and in ten days I'll be flying out to see him :) and he is also at Lackland. I hope everything goes well for you and your husband! Good luck to you both

  4. OH, yay! I'm so excited for you. We've bought our tickets and I am SO ready to get on that plane in just over five weeks! Thank you. Have fun seeing your hubby! :-)

  5. Just read the post about getting a call from your hubby! Good for you! the first official call is the best, it was so relieving for me! I couldn't find an email on your blog but if you'd like you can email me at ckdalley08@gmail.com :) Don't get discouraged if he says he wants to come home. I think they all say that in the beginning.


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