double duty decor

Oh, I just LOVE fall decorations.  ( as I may have mentioned in a previous post!) They are so warm and cozy and pretty and stuff!  While in Wal-Mart, gawking at the Christmas stuff I found the fall decor sale isle.  I was in heaven.  Remember those pillows I made from $2 place mats and napkins?  They are on sale for $1.50!  I have been wanting some (fake) fruits or something to fill up my glass vases on my 'crate' idea shelves but just don't want to pay the crazy price for them.  Good news!  Wal Mart had their vase fillers on sale!  They had a few different ones with different things.  I got the dried fruit mixture.  The main reason I got this one was because it had red berries, pine cones, red fruits and leaves in it.  Hello?!  Double duty, fall AND Christmas decorations could be had from this little mixture that only cost me $3!  I also bought two stems of leaves for $.75 a piece.
When I got home, I took a few leaves from the stem and cut them apart.  I opened the vase filler mix, threw in the leaves and mixed it around a bit.  Then, I literally dumped it into the vase, right out of the box!  I played a tiny bit with the little amount at the top, just to make it not look so 'dumped in'!  I then took the rest of the leaved off of the stems and cut them all apart.  I put them in a pile on the floor and hand-tossed them a bit.  Then, I put them in the smaller of the two vases and voile!  A beautiful fall display I had.  Don't get too heartbroken, I still have my candy up there, I used a candy dish my mom gave me for Christmas last year (on sale at Cracker Barrel after Easter). (long, drawn out, dramatic sigh) I love fall  I can't wait to reuse some of these things to decorate for Christmas.  Fret not, I will share those with you as well when the time comes (I have to decide which of my seventy-nine billion ideas I am going to go with).  Get inspired, create something...fall-ish!

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