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Ok, I just want to share a new tool I bought the other day and I am LOVING.  It is a craft knife, but so much cooler.  I used to have a craft knife that I used for scrapbooking.  However, it is at my parents house about 200 miles away...I needed on a tad bit closer.  I printed out a 50% off one item coupon for A.C. Moore.  To easily find coupons just type 'printable coupons for ____' (fill in with the name of your favorite craft store) and find one that has not expired.  I put my blinders on and headed into A.C. Moore...I only needed one thing...I was going to head right to that isle get what I needed and leave.  YEAH RIGHT!  After about half an hour of wandering around aimlessly and looking at everything they have and thinking of all the crafts I'd like to do, I remembered what I came for.  I made it to the scrapbooking section and over to the cutters.  They had so many!  I found the craft knifes I had planned on getting.  It looked like this:
 Then something else caught my eye...a cute little cutter with a unique shape.  It was called a fingertip cutter.  I was delighted to see that the smaller, cuter one was cheaper!!  It was only $5!  I snatched up that baby and brought it home...eager to use it.  After my coupon I paid a little over $2.50 for this cutter!  Not too shabby, considering the larger ones were $10 and some even more than that.  The fingertip cutter looked like this:
I bought it specifically to do my freezer paper stencils, so I jumped right into that!  I was surprised at how easy the cutter was to use.  Also, with it not being so long, it was easier to turn and I really did have better control over the blade.  This cutter gets two thumbs up from this gal!  If you're in the market for a new craft knife, or if you're thinking about picking one up...or really, if for any reason really....this is the way to go!  Simple to use, easy to store and cute to look at...you can't go wrong!

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