filled up with cheer

You may remember my 'finishings of fall' post in which I showed you the three vases (each $1 from Dollar Tree) filled with leaves.  Well, I want to share with you my Christmas version of this same idea.  I picked up some small ornaments (12 for $1 at Dollar Tree, and I had some left over).  I got red and silvery/white ones.
I used my FREE Christmas tree clippings and cut off small branches, just the right size to fit into the vase.  I then just filled up the vases with the ornaments.
I mean, come on...this took MAYBE five minutes.  Any one can do this and, for only five bucks?!  No excuses!  I left the display basically the same.  I used my word thingy and the family pictures.  However, I did find a cute little snowman and snow woman couple that was given to me a few years back.  I stuck the sweet couple in the mix and there you have it!  Oh yeah, and the runner is left over from Thanksgiving.  It acted as heat shield for all the yummy foods placed upon it!

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