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This Christmas was a different kind of Christmas for my family.  For the past 20-some-odd years we have done Christmas the same way.  This year was a little different, with me in Jacksonville and my older sister living with her husband.  Though, after it was all said and done, it was a wonderful Christmas!  I just thought I would share with you some pictures from the day.

Here is my husband and I on Christmas morning, heading to Starbucks.  I told you, this boy is addicted!

My sister and her husband brought their dog, Daisy.  I got a new camera for Christmas, and I was snapping shots of EVERYTHING during the day!

It was even cold enough to have a fire, both of the days we were down there.  I absolutely loved it!

This is a small little ornament on my parents tree, it is one of my favorites.  So simple yet so profound.

These slippers my dad got at least ten years ago.  They sit in the top of the closet all year.  Then, Christmas Eve and Christmas morning he wears then EVERYWHERE!

Another favorite ornament.

The fire was SO wonderful...even being a Florida girl, I love a day cold enough to have a fire!

My hubby bought me a Johnny Cash Boxed set, and I love love love it.  I absolutely love Johnny Cash and his music!  Now, I have a plethora of it to listen to and love!

There is some snapshots of our Christmas.  It was truly a wonderful year.  God has blessed us so much and in so many ways.  I know this coming year will be a trying one, God is showing us some plans he has in store for us and they aren't the most comfortable.  Though, it is just another time for Him to prove His faithfulness.

I hope that each and every one of you had a magnificent holiday and will enjoy your New Years celebrations!!

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