chocolatey cheer part 3

So, you know about the pretzel twists and the pretzel sticks...now onto the pretzel rods.  These are my favorite.  They just look so...fancy!

I break each pretzel rod in half to make these.  I only do this because the dish I am using is not deep enough to cover a substantial amount of the pretzel.  However, I imagine if you melted the chocolate in a cup rather than a dish, you would be able to make the longer pretzel rods rather than halves.  Any whoooo...as I was saying...I break the rods in half and cover the end that is broken with chocolate.

I dip the pretzel into the chocolate and turn it a little for better coverage.  While I am lifting the pretzel from the chocolate, I twist it a bit so that the drip of chocolate coming off (you will see what I mean when you make them) flips onto the pretzel...meaning less drip when transferring to the wax paper covered cookie sheet.  I, once again use my Christmas sprinkles to cheer these little babies up!  I then place then in the freezer and let them harden.

In years past I have made some that are dipped in dark chocolate but drizzled with the white or vice versa.  They look pretty sweet (yes, pun intended!).  I have also broken the rods into thirds and covered the entire rod by dipping one half into one of the candies and one it hardens dipping the other end.

The possibilities really are endless here!  Let your imagination run wild!

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