stained glass you can eat

I found the recipe for these cookies online and wanted to badly to try them.  It was SO super easy and fun too!  This recipe is absolutely one that you could do with children.  First you'll need sugar cookies.  I used a packet of sugar cookie mix, but you could easily use a homemade dough or frozen.  I mixed up my dough and then let it chill before rolling it out.  You can cut the cookies out in any shape.  I forgot to pick up some, so we used small bowls to make circles.  We then rolled out the dough and cut out circles in the dough.  We placed them on a cookie sheet.  We then used gel icing to decorate the cookies with.  It is important that you use gel icing, because it melts into the dough.  You then just make the cookies as normal.  Though, when you take the cookies out it will have a colored design on it!  How fun!  We decided to call our cookies ornaments because they were round.  Though, if you had a Christmas tree cutter you could decorate the tree or any shape really!

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