chocolatey cheer part 2

Yesterday I showed you my chocolate covered twist pretzels.  Today, we are moving on to pretzel sticks.  These you could easily dip but, it would take about a million and a half years to do them all and, since I usually eat more than one pretzel sticks at a time, these I just drizzle.

The chocolate candy coating seems to be thinner and drizzles a little better.  I first, lay out the pretzel rods on a cookie sheet covered with wax paper.  I then take a spoon full of candy coating and somewhat fling the chocolate onto the pretzels by moving the spoon left to right kind of fast.  I know that isn't exact science and it was hard to take a picture of it...but, you'll get it once you go to do it.  Here I used the same sprinkles I used on the twist pretzels.

I put the pretzels in the freezer to harden.  Once they were done I broke apart the pretzel rods.  They will come apart in groups.  They actually look like little rafts!  You can also drizzle some chocolate over top of your half dipped twist pretzels.

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