sweet treat

I've seen these little treats all over 'blog land' lately and I knew I wanted to give them a try, I just didn't have an opportunity to do so.  My friend Bethany loves marshmallows (marshies, as she calls them!).  Her birthday was a few weeks ago and I knew that this would be the perfect birthday treat for her!  While I was at it, I made some Valentine ones also, for my co-workers.  These little treats  were SO simple to make and they all loved them.  This is a treat that would be perfect for children.

pray for Luke (dot) com

You may have noticed the bright blue square on the right of my site.  It says prayforLuke.com.  If you click on the button it will take you to a blog.  This blog is written by a woman here in Jacksonville who attends our church.
At the end of this past December her five year old son had a seizure while in the car with the family.  He's been in the hospital now for almost two months.  He has been diagnosed with encephalitis and has been through some absolutely rigorous treatments.
His mother, Brandi is keeping an online journal to keep everyone updated on Luke's progress.  Her words are truthful, heart-wrenching and inspiring.
I'm asking all of you who read this, please please say a prayer for little Luke, for his healing and his comfort while undergoing these treatments.  Pray her his mother and father as they watch their little boy in so much pain.  Pray for Luke's little brother, whose prayer is "I pray for my widdle big brother because he is broken".
Also, please consider posting the button on your website or blog.  Little Luke has people praying for him all over the world, please help spread the word about this little boy and his faithful parents to others.
As you can imagine, two months in a hospital has quite the financial repercussions on a family.  Once you are at the site, click on the 'Want to Help' link to find out ways that you can help the family to raise money.  There are bracelets for sale, an applique design, an Ebay auction (buy something or donate an item) and t-shirts for sale.  Please consider helping out this family in any way you can.

Don't forget to grab the button

Pray for Luke


dirty stove? clean it up!

So, much like my carpets...my stove hasn't seen much cleaning love since we moved in! However, moving out means cleaning up...so it's getting its fair share of cleaning love this week! Oh, and it is completely okay to be totally grossed out by the picture to the left...I am!
I don't know about you, but I'm no professional in the kitchen (surprise, I know!) so, my burner drip pans get a lot of use!  I remember the first time I noticed how bad they looked (about six months ago) and wanted to be a good wife and clean them up.  I took the burners and drip pans out and started to just scrub away...yeah, that didn't work!  So, I looked up online how to clean the stove drip pans and I found something that worked!


glorious color

If you recall, I am NOT a fan of all white walls.  It just about kills me to look at!  Well, we're moving and apartment complexes don't really customize wall colors.  Today we got the keys to our new apartment (YAY) and tomorrow we are moving (half-hearted yay).  So tonight, while the apartment is still empty, I went over and tackled those walls (well, wall).  I told you about how I painted my living room wall in our current apartment.  We had a good bit of that paint left over...and I LOVE the color.  So, the living room wall got a coat of the ever so glorious Behr paint in Grounded and it looks oh, so good!
Just thought I'd share a few pictures with you and show you how I did it.



My husband and I are only moving across the street.  We're staying in the same apartment complex, just into a larger apartment.  We move in two days and NOTHING is even remotely packed.  However, I made progress with that today.  We didn't want to go buy boxes just to move such a short distance but we needed something to carry over all the little odds and end things.  My sweet husband suggested plastic grocery bags...bless his little heart.  Oh, boys and their thinking.  His next idea was a MUCH better one.

modern throwback

Whew...what a week it's been!  We're moving this weekend (YAY) so I haven't really had time to make anything (boo).  My crafting has severely suffered this past week.  However, my craft planning hasn't!  I have a lot of crafts ideas that I can't wait to try out in our new (much larger) apartment and then share with you, my sweet bloggies.

So, I thought I'd share with you what I've been up to this past week, my great finds and some things I've learned that will hopefully help you out if maybe you're planning a move sometime soon.

I'll be splitting all of it up between a few posts so that I don't completely overload you.

First, and foremost...I got a new area rug!


groove, give, shop, share

All righty, all you readers in the Jacksonville area...I have some awesome news for you.  (those who aren't in Jacksonville...just hold your britches...I've got some news for y'all too!)

What are you doing the evening of Tuesday March 15th?  If you answered anything remotely close to the 'not so sure' category...let me answer it for you.


dirty little secret

My husband and I are moving next weekend (one huge collective squeal, please)!  We are so so so so so very excited, we are currently in a one bedroom, one bath apartment and we're busting at the seams.  With all of my craft, sewing, decorating and other stuff and his love of 'things' we have outgrown this apartment.  We're moving to a  three bedroom, two bath apartment.  Why three bedrooms you ask?  So I can have a sewing/crafting room!
Any whoooo...our carpets in the current apartment have been through a lot.  We didn't own a vacuum for quite a while (I know, gross...we registered for one, just never got it)  About a month ago we finally bought our vacuum and it's like heaven...except for the realization of how gross our carpets are!  The area right by the front door was the WORST!  I was so embarrassed that I never really looked at it before and people came over and saw...ewwww!  Well, if we wanted our deposit back, we needed to clean up our act...well, our carpets.
I work at a church cleaning at nights, the same time the carpet cleaning man works.  He has a 'secret concoction' that he's used to clean floors in school buildings.  I figure if it works for hundred of kids, it can work for my little carpet.  The best part of this concoction is that it is made of simply household ingredients!


hanging in there pt 2

So, I shared with you my new favorite thing...my old art turned jewelry hanger using a handkerchief my best friend brought me from Japan here.  I showed you how to make the necklace hanger part, with the cup hooks.  However, I added some wire to the bottom of the hanger for my earrings.  Here's how I did it

What you need:
wire ( I used beading wire from Wal-Mart in the childrens craft isle)
Thumbtacks or staples
Possibly a hammer (depending on how hard your backing is)



Groupon has an awesome offer going on.  You can get 5 one night rentals from Blockbuster express for only $2!  That's 3 free movies!  I just got mine...my husband and I love a good movie day.  Get your by going to Groupon and set the city to Atlanta.

shutterfly 10% off code

Just got an email with a code for 10% off all photo books.  That 10% off is on top of the sale prices they have going on right now!  Sah-weet!  This would be a good time to start working on Easter gifts, maybe get a head start on a Mother's Day gift.  Hurry, offer ends February 21, 2011.

Use code: ZVAM-9J21-SZ8J-DHUA9U


hanging in there

My best friend went to Japan a few summers ago with her then boyfriend (he's her fiance now!) to visit his family and she brought me back a handkerchief that I loved!  It was red (favorite color) with big graphic flowers on it...just the right amount of oriental-ness and vintage-esque for me to fall in love with.  Well, I never quite knew what to do with it.  I mean, I'm not the type to carry a hankie in my purse and I certainly didn't want to mess it up.I was stuck.  So, the sweet handkerchief sat in my craft cart for a while.

Then one day a few weeks ago, a light bulb went off in my head!  I was in need of a place to hang my necklaces...they were hanging in clear thumbtacks at the time.  So, I used the handkerchief to make an awesome jewelry holder.

back and better than ever

YAY YAY YAY!!!  I'm back!  I know, the 'fast' ended on Feb. 13th...but, I'm a bit of a procrastinator and fell behind on my reading of the book of John.  I thought it was only fair that the fast was not over until I finished my reading....so....

I finished!  I've missed blogging to you bloggies every day!  However, God certainly did teach me some lessons.

I've have so much to share with you, I'm busting at the seams!  I've done some projects that I can't wait to share with you and I have some in mind and in the works as well!  My husband and I are moving in a week, so I get to share a whole house worth of decorating with y'all!  The Boutique I shared with you before my fast is up and totally running, check it out here.  Also, I started a blog for the boutique.  Be sure to keep up with that blog for coupon codes, updates and such!

EEEK!  (that's a squeal of delight) I'm so excited to be blogging again.
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