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All righty, I can check one more Pinterest pin off my 'to craft' list.  I love to reuse items I already have...it makes me feel so accomplished in having something new that I didn't have to pay for!

Today I have something that I am so excited to start using.  I love organization (my mom is chucking right now) I'm just not so good at keeping up with it!  I make a lot of lists and write things down.  So, I knew that this would be perfect for me.

One of my favorite parts of this craft is the price tag...absolutely nothing!  Here's how I did it...


pinned it and did it - pencil vase

My best friend is a teacher and there is no one I like making things for more than my BFF!  I found the perfect idea on Pinterest for a pencil vase and just HAD to whip one up.

This was so incredibly simple to make and really did not take much time at all.  What a great Teacher Appreciation gift, Christmas or even end of the year gift.

My favorite part of the project was the price...under $5!

Here's how I did it..


pinned it and did it - makeup brush storage

As I mentioned before, Pinterest is a HUGE addiction that I've fallen in to!  All  of the creative ideas and tips are unbelievable...I'm SO hooked.  I have gotten SO many great ideas for simple and inexpensive crafts and organization.  I also have found quite few pictures of some gorgeous clothes, bags, shoes and living spaces...being such a visual person I am pretty much in love.

Today I want to share with you an awesome organizational idea that I found on Pinterest.  It is a smart and simple way to store your makeup brushes.  Here's how I did it...


cupcake travels

Yesterday I shared with you my new favorite way to ice cupcakes.  Today I will share with you my new favorite way to package and transport those pretty babies.

I also got this idea from Pinterest and it just deepens my love for this sweet little site.

Simply take a clear plastic cup and drop the cupcake in it.  This keeps the cupcake from from tipping over and your beautiful creating from becoming a glob of yumminess.

I was asked by my co-workers 'how do I get it out?' more than once.  Simply turn the cup over and the cupcake will fall out.  The icing will have hardened a bit from being exposed to the air.  So, don't worry this should be a no-mess task!

I put the cupcakes in cups in a cute package also...

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