all the trimmings (pt. 1)

So I told you about our Christmas tree...which, we are LOVING!  Well, while I was waiting for the fine employees of Home Depot to wrap up our tree I rummaged through the pile of tree branches.  I made sure to ask first though, I didn't want to steal anything (even if it was on accident)!  I kind of...sort of...totally went crazy.  I grabbed a ton of branches because I knew I could use these babies in quite a few ways.  Not to mention the absolutely intoxicating smell they bring to our apartment.  (Just in time too, our wallflowers are running out!)
If you are more of the artificial tree type, don't fret...just run up to your nearest Christmas tree lot and ask for some branches.  Most lots are more than willing to give you as many as possible.  These uses for the branches are endless.  Use them as table decoration for your Christmas parties, as a vase filler, make your own door hanger or wreath (yeah, I'm going to show you how) or just lay them around the house for the magnificent smell!  I must warn you, your hands will be a bit sticky after handling the tree branches.  Do you use tree branches in your home for decoration?  Where do you put them?

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