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Being that this is the first year I am in my own place for Christmas, I needed a stocking.  I, of course had one at my parents house but, I wasn't going to be able to get it before Christmas.  I decided that I would make stockings for my husband and I.  I was somewhat nervous and put it off for a while.  However, I finally did it and I am quite pleased with the outcome.

First I folded my selected main fabric (black) in half and drew a stocking on the back.  I then cut out the stocking shape with the fabric still folded in half.  I did this so that I would have both the front and the back of my stocking.  I then cut a strip of contrasting fabric (orange) a little longer than double the length of the top of my stocking.  My super specific (complete sarcasm) measurements were taken by laying the two pieces for my stocking back to back and marking the length on the back of my contrasting fabric.

Then I hemmed the contrasting fabric on the bottom by folding a small portion backwards and sewing it with a simple stitch.  After the trim was hemmed I folded it in half hamburger style...not longways.  When folding the fabric I ironed down the fold, it made it much easier to sew.

Next I stacked the folded contrasting fabric between the two stockings in the main fabric.  Make sure that the patterned sides of the fabric are facing each other.  You want to sew the stockings inside out so that when turned right side out you will not see the stitching.

I then stitched straight down the heel side of the stacked stocking.  I opened up the stocking so that it was no longer stacked.  I turned the unfolded stocking over so that the non patterned side was facing up.  I made a hem at the top of the stocking just like I had done with the bottom of the contrasting fabric.
I then folded the stocking back as it was and finished sewing around the edges.  Now, be sure NOT to sew the top of the stocking...or you will have a closed up, inside out stocking!  Once you have all sides except for the top sewn up, turn the stocking right side out.

There you have it.  One stocking made in less than half an hour.  The cost you may wonder...about $4!  I only bought a 1/2 yard of the main fabric and a 1/4 yard of the contrasting fabric.  However, I could have gotten away with 1/3 yard of the main fabric.  Once you have your stocking made you may want to personalize your stockings.  I painted the name on this stocking using a freezer paper stencil.  I LOVE this technique!  From start to finish, first cut to hanging on the wall...it took me about 45 minutes!

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