all the trimmings (pt. 3)

The first craft I chose to make was SO incredibly simple.  I wanted to make something a little out of the ordinary.  Something that would really catch your eye!
To do this, I chose three branches I had in my pile of trimmings.  If you like the fullness of the picture, I would use the same amount.  However, if you would like something a little more full you can either use more branches or choose bigger branches.
I then used my handy little secret...floral wire.  I got a whole spool of it from Wal-Mart for $2 and I use it for so many different floral projects.  It is simply wire that easily bends and is coated with green plastic...to blend.  I barely even used any for these crafts.  One spool has lasted me for quite some time.
Connect two of the branches using the floral wire.  Wrap the ends of the stems, going between the two to ensure they stay together.  Once you have the two secured, add the third.  This is the time to determine the shape you want.  If you want the branches to feather out more, wrap the stems at an angle.  If you are using just the three branches then you are ready to jazz it up a bit.  Or, if you want the super lush look, keep attaching the branches by wiring the stems together.
To hang, I simply wrapped some ribbon around the stems (double duty...covers the wire).  I then tied a nice little bow and used the ends of the bow to make the hanger.  I just tied a knot in the ends of the 'bow tails'.  It worked out quite nicely.  You may want to add some hot glue, just to make sure your creation will make it through the season.  I picked up the 'Merry Christmas' ornament from Wal-mart for a buck!  It's all shiny and glittery and pretty and stuff!  You could easily hang this pretty little thang as it is, with no ornament but, I wanted some sparkle and shine!
Let's recap here on the price...branches: FREE, ribbon: FREE (it came off a box of vase filler), wire: FREE (to me, $2 for those who need to pick it up) ornament: $1.  Total: $1-$3!  Come on, you have to admit that's pretty awesome.
If this door hanger just isn't quite your style, just wait.  I have more ideas coming your way for my free clippings!

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