a valance-ing act

My favorite solution for curtains is by far twin sheets, as I shared here.  I used this same technique in our bedroom using black twin size sheets.  I wanted to give the appearance of a bigger window than we actually have so I used a few tricks...hee hee hee.  First, I wanted to bring some color and life to the room so I decided to use a bright, bold fabric to make a valance (little top, half curtain thingie). 
The process of making the valance was extremely similar to making the curtains.  I first cut the piece of fabric in half so that I could sew it together to make it long enough.  I placed the two pieces of fabric facing one another and sewed one side (much like I did with making pillows.)  I then opened up the fabric and had one long piece of fabric that needed hemming.  I ironed down the flap created by sewing together the two pieces of fabric.
At this time my beloved sewing machine decided to throw a ridiculous temper tantrum and would not work for me.  I had to result to the alternative...my glue gun!  I simply glued where I would have sewn.  I glued the hem on the bottom, the side hems and even the pocket for the rod.  (For more detailed instructions, check out how to make curtains here).  I wanted a little more interest on the valance, so I added some gray ribbon along the bottom edge, this was secured with hot glue as well.  There it was, my finished valance with no thread showing!
We bought a double rod so that we could hang both the valance and the curtains.  I hung the curtains quite a few inches above the actual top of the window, this gives the effect that the windows are taller than they actually are and make the ceiling seem higher as well.  I pulled the curtain rod out as long as it would go and mounted it a few inches from either side of the window.  This gives the effect that the window is wider than it actually is.
Like I said before, no one likes naked windows.  Why not add some pizazz to your newly dressed up windows?  Get inspired, create something snazzy!

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