this is a stick up

While ransacking target when making our wedding registry my husband fond a wall decal that he really liked.  It was a black silhouette of a tree and some birds.  I also liked it and ding ding ding it was a winner...added to our registry.  We wound up getting the decal and were super excited about putting it up.  Though, I got to thinking about it and I was somewhat torn.  I didn't want to put it up, love it and then have to take it down when we moved.  I wanted to be able to enjoy it for ling after our lease was up.  I had an idea.
I had more canvases lying around from previous attempts at art, as I mentioned before.  You may not have any just lying around, but your local thrift store just might!  I used my spray white primer (again, LOVE spray paint) to cover the canvas.  I found some left over orange spray paint from a wedding project that did not turn out so well.  The can was almost empty so the canvases were not covered completely.  I tried to get more paint around the edges and the bottom of the canvas.  I was surprised at how good the light coat of orange looked.
I then laid out the decal on the two canvases.  I positioned the tree at the bottom of one canvas and cut the decal where the two canvases split.  I carefully pulled the backing off of the decal and stuck it to the canvas.  The birds were not already on the tree, so I positioned the little guys just right.  My husband and I both were actually surprised at how much more we liked the tree this way then we did when we envisioned it in our heads just on the wall.  We hung the two in our bedroom above our dresser and are completely happy with the outcome!  Get inspired, think outside the box, create something unique and spectacular!


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