finishings of fall

Well, Thanksgiving is almost here and gone!  As much as I like decorating for fall, I LOVE to decorate for Christmas!  Though, I have one last fall decoration that I wanted to share with you.
As I mentioned in my last fall decor post, I got some packs of fake leaves from Dollar Tree.  That store is my favorite for getting odds and ends.  Especially at Christmastime when I make platters to take places, they have some pretty cute ones that I don't mind leaving behind because they only cost $1!  We also were able to completely fill up two boxes for Operation: Christmas Child from there for about $20.
Anyways, back to fall and decor and pretty and stuff!  So, I bought three round glass containers.  They are the kind that you might put a pillar candle in.  I loved how simple they were and knew that I could get some good use out of them for more than one season.  I also bought some leaves.  I wound up using two packages of leaves to fill up the containers.  That makes this fall decor $5! SAH-WEEET!  I originally planned on decoupaging these little bad boys but, that didn't happen.  Plus, I couldn't reuse them in an other season if they were covered in leaves.
I placed it on the breakfast bar between our kitchen and living room.  I had been given a FAMILY decoration for my wedding and I love it.  I keep a picture of both mine and my husbands family right next to it (in unfinished wood frames that I spray painted 'oil-rubbed bronze' to match the word).  I used the leaf filled vases as the backdrop for my FAMILY.  It looks so good, if I do say so myself!  I think this project is a great way to finish up my fall decor.  I must admit, I do have about a million other ideas for fall decorations but, they will just have to wait until next year.

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