all hot and chocolaty

Unlike my caffeine crazed  husband, I do not drink coffee.  My order at Starbucks is hot chocolate, no whip!  Oddly enough, I'm NOT a chocolate fan but. I do like my hot chocolate.  However, when I make it at home it just does not taste even remotely as good as it does at Starbucks...BOOOO!!  I decided I was going to find some way to make a delicious hot chocolate at home.
I began my experiment, by putting milk and chocolate syrup in a pot on the stove.  I decided I would add a tiny bit of vanilla extract to the mix and I also decided to add some cinnamon (my favorite!!).  I let the mixture come to a boil the poured it into my cup and added a packet of hot chocolate mix.  I was shocked at how good it tasted!  Then I started looking online for a recipe...I know, a little backwards...but, it's how the story goes!  I found this one and was sort of proud of myself for coming so close to the recipe!  Best part: this one is made in the microwave!  Give it a try, drink it in a Starbucks mug!

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