pillow talk pt 2

I bought place mats and napkins to make pillows from.  In pillow talk pt. 1 I told you how I made the napkin pillows.  Now, onto the place mat pillows!  I bought four place mats and wanted to make four pillows.  I could have made just two by using two place mats each but, didn't!  I happen to have some plain brown fabric left over from some wedding crafts and decided to use that as the back side of the pillow.  The fabric I used had some stretch to it...make sure yours doesn't!  It was a pain in the neck, but in the end worked just fine!
First I cut a piece of brown fabric down to the size of the place mat.  I then put the place mat and piece of fabric together, with the place mat facing down (what you want to see when the pillow is done should not be showing).  Sew around three whole sides of the pillow, close to the outer edge.  Once you get to the last side, sew about a third of the way on each side.  This should leave about a third of the side open to stuff the pillow.  Turn the pillow right side out and begin stuffing.  Stuff the corners first with hand fulls of filling working your way to the middle.  Stitch up the opening and voile, there is your place mat pillow!
I could have simply used another place mat for the back side of the pillow and skipped the extra fabric cutting step.  However, I wanted to get as many pillows as possible from the materials I had.
I hope you enjoy your pillows made from place settings!  Get inspired, create something gorgeous!

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