pillow talk pt. 1

When we bought our couch and love seat they each came with two throw pillows.  They are quite possibly the ugliest pillows I have ever seen in my life.  I must admit, they are quite comfy.  However, comfort does not always win out in the home decor battle.  Therefore, I was bound and determined to get some new throw pillows.  I registered for some gorgeous pillows for our wedding...and there they still sit on our registry.  I understand why no one bought them, they were $25 each!  What?!  I mean, it can't hurt to ask.
Being a crafty gal, I knew that I could come up with something that would work just as well.  I went to Wal Mart and scoured the 'dollar a yard' bins in the fabric department (which, I am appalled to find out the newly redone Wal Marts no longer have a fabric section. BOOOOO!!) but, found nothing that spoke to me.  I kind of had an idea of the colors I wanted to bring into the living room.  Then, while I was walking past the seasonal home decor isles I spotted table settings in the colors I was looking for!!  The little light bulb above my head went off, the wheels started turning, a smile came to my face...needless to say, it was a great trip to Wal Mart.
I bought 4 placemats for $2 each and a set of 2 fabric napkins for $2.  I then went to the craft and fabric department and bought a bag of Poly-Fil (stuffing), I got the biggest bag because I wasn't sure exactly how much I would need.  That costs me $8 (I made 6 pillows and still have a little left over...not bad).
I started with the napkin pillows first.  I folded the napkin in half, inside out.  I then broke out my sewing machine (the greatest Christmas gift I have ever gotten) and sewed around the 3 edges (not the fold).  On the last of the three sides, I left a small area in the middle.  This open space is so that I could get my hand in to stuff the pillow.  Be sure not to make the opening too small, you will wind up ripping it open when you go to stuff it.  Turn the pillow right side out.  Be sure the corners are pointed out as much as they will.  Start stuffing!  Take hand fulls of stuffing and push it into the corners first, then fill in between.  Pack it firmly or not, whatever you like.  When your pillow is all stuffed, hand stitch the remaining opening closed with a needle and thread.  Try to stay as close tot he edge as possible so that it is less noticeable.  Once your opening it stitched shut make a small knot in the thread and cut it off as close tot he knot as possible.
There you have it!  A pillow from a napkin!  Now, click here to see how to make a pillow from a place mat!  Get inspired, create something magnificent!

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