I had always heard of decoupage and really wanted to try it.  Though, I just never had a project that really needed it.  That is until now!  I looked it all up online and was ready to go!
First I made my own decoupage glue.  There is a brand called Modge Podge, supposedly it works great.  However, the price is not so great at all!  I opted for a homemade version I found online.  Ingredients: equal parts water and Elmer's glue.  How simple and inexpensive.  I mixed up my glue in a bowl but you could easily use a plastic cup (easy disposal).  I was surprised at how little I actually used.
I was making a picture frame and wanted to decoupage squares of scrapbook paper onto it.  I dipped the squares of paper into a bowl of water and placed it on the frame.  I bent and folded the paper so that it would go all the way around the edges.  I then brushed a layer of glue over the paper.  I used a sponge brush, which is a black sponge on a rod (they are super cheap at craft stores).  I did square by square the same, adding a layer of glue.  I waited for the layer to dry and then continued brushing on glue one layer at a time.  I probably did upwards of five layers of glue.  I then added a few embellishments and  decoupages over those as well.
Decoupaging was SO easy, I was surprised actually that I hadn't tried it earlier.  This process could easily be used on so many different surfaces.  Since I made just a frame I let the decoupage glue be my sealer.  However, if you were going a whole piece of furniture you would want to add a layer of sealer on top to protect the furniture.

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