unify your ideas

When planning our wedding we were once again outraged at the price of stuff.  Unity ceremony supplies were out of control expensive!  I knew that I could make something just as good for much cheaper (and, I did!).  We weren't doing your typical sand ceremony...no, my husband wanted to do gumballs!  So, we did gumballs!
My two smaller vases, I bought at Wal Mart in the floral isle for a buck each!  I then used double sided tape to attach a brown ribbon around it and covered he seam with an orange flower (that I got at Wal Mart).  I loved these small ones, they are so fun!  For the larger vase I bought a glass decanter, also from Wal Mart for $3 I believe.  I also used double sided tape to attach a ribbon to the neck and used some different flowers to jazz it up!  I loved how these looked when finished.  They are actually what I use to decorate my 'crate' idea shelves!

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