a little different than normal

Now, this post is a little different than my last ones.  No super cute home decor craft, no yummy recipe to enjoy.  Just a good deal.  So,  found out about two sites RueLaLa and Modnique.  These are basically online outlets for name brand goods.  I pretty much visit them everyday to see what new items they have and how incredibly cheap they are!
Both of these sites are 'member only' meaning that you it's totally free you just have to give them your email address.  At RueLaLa you will need my email address, which clicking on the link will add it in automatically for you.  I have found some super great deals on these sites.  In fact, RueLaLa is having a sale on Vera Bradly brand items right now!  I can't believe how low the prices are on these bags and wallets.  Each designer is a 'boutique' or an 'event' and they close eventually, so don't wait...go get shopping!
At Modnique, until November 30th you can use the coupon code STAR to get a $10 credit towards your purchase!  Plus, when you sign up you automatically get a $5 credit.  Hello?!  That's $15 handed to you!
Check it out, get some great gifts!

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