a classic in it's sunday clothes

When the Holidays roll around, my inner Betty Crocker takes over and I want to bake EVERYTHING and for everyone.  In fact last year I even made treats for our baristas (those who serve us at Starbucks).  As I mentioned before, I also like to find some way to add a little twist to classic recipes, just to put my own little touch on it!
One of the treats our baristas enjoyed were peanut butter cookies.  I used the regular frozen cookie dough...that little dough boy sure is a big help!  Hint Hint: you can find coupons for the cookie dough here.
I cooked them as the directions instructed, I even did the fork markings in the top if the cookies.  Tip: chill the dough before marking, the fork will not stick as bad.  After baking the cookies I allowed them to cool.  I melted some almond bark (great for garnishes).  I then dipped one side of the cookie into the chocolate.  I mean, this is not a mind blowing, earth shattering recipe here though, they sure did look good.  Get creative with your cookies, drizzle chocolate over them, dunk in chocolate and white chocolate, get inspired...create something unique and yummy!

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