it's a window...PSYCH

Our bathroom is not the biggest bathroom I have ever met.  Being in an apartment, it is connected to our neighbors bathroom, which means no windows and no natural light.  The walls are so white and so boring, it kills me!  We got a bold shower curtain to try and liven it up some.  Though, the curtain is white with a graphic tree on it in brown...once again, more white!  We used orange, yellow and brown towels to bring some color too.  However, I just wasn't satisfied with the result.  I happened to have a canvas that I had painted a few years ago.  The colors did not match our scheme and I really didn't even like the painting.  So, I went out and got some spray paint (I love using this stuff..see), I got white primer and oil rubbed bronze.  Now, you may not have an old painting lying around but I am sure your local thrift store might!  Canvases are expensive, even with my beloved half off coupons!
I first sprayed the edges with the bronze.  I knew that I wanted to make a faux window so I sprayed a 't' down the middle.  I did not worry too much about how perfect it was, I was going to be covering the imperfections later.  I let that coat dry then broke out my blue painters tape.  I taped off my window.  Remember, you are covering with tape what you want to show when you are done.  What is covered is what will be left the same.  Once my tape was on, I sprayed the left over with the white primer and let it dry.  I then painted the four squares with a light color paint.
You could not take off the paint and have a window pane.  I wanted a little something extra on mine, though.  I left the tape on and painted a branch coming from one side of the window.  I made sure that the branch extended into all four areas of the window.  I wanted some color in the painting so I chose yellow.  I took the end of a marker and dipped it in yellow paint.  I then started from closest to the branch and made dots.  I used a small paint brush to make the smaller dots.  This is just how I chose to personalize my painting you could maybe try a scene painted (or printed out and attached) first then the panes of the window painted.  Get inspired and create something marvelous!
I was quite satisfied with the outcome of my little window.  It now hangs in our bathroom above a towel bar.

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