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I saw these little guys online and love, love, love them.  I was so amazed at how easy they were yet at the same time to unique!  Oh, they're just so stinkin' cute!  Total decorating time was about fifteen minutes, tops!  This would be a super fun and super easy holiday chore to share with the kids!
I started out with peanut butter cupcakes and vanilla and chocolate candy coating (I call it almond bark) in piping bags (if that means nothing to you, click here...it's the easiest thing ever!)  Here's how I made these little guys!

Chocolate frosted cupcakes
1 Hershey Kiss per cupcake
Candy coating in piping bags
Baking Sheet lined with wax paper

First, I made the tails.  I piped out what looked to me like the NBC logo for the tails onto the wax paper lined baking sheet.  I would recommend making them somewhat large.  I made mine kind of small because I was worried they wouldn't fit into my canister.  I piped the chocolate first and then added the white on top.  However, you could easily switch it the other way.  I then placed those candies into the freezer to harden.  While they were hardening, I unwrapped my kisses.  I put a small dap of icing on the back of the kiss and placed one on each cupcake.  The kiss is the head, with the point being the beak...remember this when placing.  I mean, you don't want a turkey with it's head pointing backwards or anything...unless you are going for the exorcist version of the holiday!  Next, I took the candies out of the freezer and removed them from the wax paper.  I placed them standing up behind the 'head' of my turkey.  I made 2 'NBC logos' for each turkey, but one would have been fine.  There you have it.  A one of a kind, hand piped Thanksgiving turkey cupcake!

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