oh christmas tree...

Just so you know, I looked up the lyrics to the song 'Oh Christmas Tree!' when I thought of the name for this post...and sung it to my husband.  He wasn't impressed!
Any whooo...I just wanted to share with you our Christmas tree.  It's our first Christmas tree in our apartment and our first Christmas married...we're excited!  My mother-in-law even bought us a cute little ornament that says 'Our First Christmas'.  How stinkin' cute.
We got up early on Black Friday and waited outside Best Buy.  We got a few good deals, walked around the mall and then headed home.  We napped for a while then headed off to Home Depot.  My husband got his tree there last year and we loved it.  This year was no different!  We wound up getting the first tree we looked at, brought it home and set it up.  My husband bought a set of green, red and silver ornaments last year on Black Friday so, we used those.  However, I needed to add my touch!  I got some purple ornaments from Wal-Mart (24 for $5! Holler!).  I must say, I love our tree!  We have a few special ornaments (starbucks cups) but most of ours are standard, decorative ones.  I can't wait to get ornaments with meaning behind them.  How about you?  Do you decorate with special ornaments or do you stick to a color theme?  When do you put your tree up?  Are you an artificial or a fresh cut?

P.S. I also took some branches...be on the lookout for my crafts using those little dandies!

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