friday update...a little different

So sorry that I haven't gotten up my Friday update for the week.  I have been busy running around all day and trying to figure things out.

As you may have heard, there is threat of a government shut down...which means our military won't be paid yet still required to report for work.  That means the money that pays for my rent and bills may not be coming in.  My husband called me tonight to let me know that they most likely won't be paid on their next pay period and if they do it will only be half of what it should be.

Don't get me wrong, this post is not bashing the government or asking for pity or anything like that, I just want to explain to you faithful bloggies why I have been so unfaithful to you lately.  I apologize...I promise I will get the pictures and such ready tonight and have a Friday update tomorrow...making it a Saturday update!

1 comment:

  1. I don't watch TV, so i just barely found out about this for myself. I am still extremely confused. I have no idea how it will affect our famlily.


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