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LOVE...duh! I told you I had some Valentines projects in the works and I finally finished the first one! I saw this idea on a blog that I read called Dittle Dattle, she did a spring time version.  She also used old wall molding she had left over...I did not.  I went to Micheal's and got a package of 20 different wooden plaques (squares) for $5!  I used my 40% off coupon (in most Sunday papers as well as by email when you sign up on the website) on something else that trip, or I could have gotten it for about $3!  There were four different shaped in the package, I used two of the four and have enough left over to make a spring time one too! YAY!

What you need:
wooden blocks (you decide what you want to spell out and that will determine how many blocks you need)
scrapbook paper (a few different coordinating patterns)
craft glue
sponge brush
heavy duty glue (super glue, gorilla glue...something more than elmers)
letters (I chose to paint mine you can use scrapbook stickers, markers, or if you are lucky enough to own a Cricut machine that would come in handy!)

What to do:
I chose to use the 4x4 and the 4x3 blocks of wood.  So, I cut down the scrapbook pages to size.  I chose two different patterns and wanted to alternate them.  I also chose to alternate the size of the blocks because I wanted to attach them to make one piece.  You could very easily just leave the blocks separate and they would look just as good.
I then mixed up a cup of my 'make shift modge podge' (click the link to read more about that) and decoupaged the scrapbook paper onto the blocks.
I let all that dry, after putting a few coats of the glue mixture on (about 30 minutes or so will do)
Then, I painted on the letters of the word I was writing...LOVE!  I let that paint dry and then did another coat of the glue mixture.
I wanted the blocks to be connected as a line rather than apart for this project.  However, if you want them separate then by all means leave them that way...it's your project!  I used Gorilla glue to bond the blocks together.  Every glue is different, so be sure you follow the directions.  I had to wet down the wooden surface, apply the glue then clamp it down (my husbands big Starbucks mug worked as a wonderful weight).

One thing I haven't done yet that I plan on doing it covering the edges with ribbon.  I thought I had the right size ribbon but I do not.  I was so excited and wanted to share it with you so...sorry for the rough edges.  Also, on Dittle Dattle she sanded the edges of the blocks.  I really did like that idea, I just chose not to do it for my blocks.  There is no right or wrong way to make your project a success!

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