friday update #6

As I told you in an earlier post, I've been in bridal shower mode this week...I completely forgot to take any pictures for a Friday update!

But, fear not my bloggies...I have some pictures of our living room that I took a few weeks ago...not sure why but, I'm glad I did!

It hasn't changed much at all since I took the pictures, so they are pretty accurate.  The only difference right now...it that it's a MESS!

Let's start off with what you see when you walk in our front door

Check out that awesome chandelier hanging from the ceiling!  You can't tell very well in thee pictures but my wonderful and amazing shag rug is there under the coffee table.  I want so bad to eventually get rid of that coffee table and get something much cooler.  My husband bought our current table at Goodwill for $12.  Those pillows, they used to be place mats and napkins!  I realize now, looking at the wall behind the couch how ridiculous it looks.  I have some big frames that I picked up at thrift stores, I just have to get pictures printed off in the right sizes for the frames.  I'm not happy with the furniture placement but...I don't know what else to do with it!  Ahhh!

Now you can see the rug!  We LOVE that little nook over there.  It's one of our favorite things about the apartment...what I don't love is how stumped I am at how to arrange our furniture.  Also, my husband kind of has an obsession with ottomans...we have four!  Some of those will find their way onto Craigslist.

I have so many ideas for this nook...none of them are happening right now.  I would love to have a pair of chairs covered in a fabulous fabric though, I don't want to get rid of the cedar chest.  The cedar chest was my grandma's.

I did display my wedding picture frames!  They were decorations at my wedding and I just love them!
  Also, my crate storage which houses all of our book.

Last but not least, the wall with our television....it's so boring!

I have ideas for this wall too...it's just the actually doing it that's hard!  I would love to do a lot of empty frames painted in the colors of our room, to being color and life to this wall.  Though, my husband is set on getting a gigantic television when he comes home...so, we'll see how that works!

Probably my favorite thing in here (not because it's anything even remotely pretty, it's just my husband's handiwork that makes me smile) is my 'sunglasses holder'.  My husband has about three million pairs of sunglasses and he came up with this idea to house them all.  I have plans to cover this eye sore with some wonderful fabric and use cup hooks rather than push pins!

Well, there you have it!  Our living room!

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