the proof is in the pudding....err, pictures

Recently, a friend asked me for some help with curtains for her living room.  As I stated before 'no one likes naked windows'.  She has a rental apartment as do I, and when you are renting it's hard to personalize a space.  It's especially hard to make the place seem like yours and not just a standard rental space.

The one thing that will make the most impact with the least amount of effort it curtains.  Most rental spaces come with blinds but adding curtains will really dress up the space.

So, we went to Joann's to pick up some fabric.  We found some GREAT black and white fabric and we got it cut into 2 yards.  In total we got 4 yards of the fabric, it was just two 2 yard pieces.  Most fabric comes folded over, so you get two yards of doubled over fabric.  We were able to make two panels from each 2 yard piece.

While we were at JoAnn's we picked up some Stitch Witchery...best thing I've ever bought.  I had heard of it, just never used it before.  My poor little sewing machine probably won't get much love since I've started using Stitch Witchery.  I am going to post a tutorial on how I made curtains with the Stitch Witchery...so check back soon.

I just wanted to share with you the phenomenal difference it made in her living room.  Here is the before picture:

Standard white walls and white blinds...a common sight in rental spaces.  She was able to get this leather couch for free, though!  Score!

Here is what the windows look like after we fancied them up a bit!

Come on!  First, I am in love with the pattern of the fabric.  Second, it defines the windows and brings life to the walls!  She has two more windows on the wall to the right, those curtains are in the works.  I know we didn't add any color with these, but you don't always have to.  Imagine that couch with some colored throw pillows and maybe a plant in the corner...ahhhh, it brings joy to my heart!

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  1. I'm loving the curtains! It defintely brings the room together! Thanks for keeping us in your thoughts! It was a really great experience to see my husband graduate! My husband, Chase, says that there are a lot of people on his flight that didn't deserve to graduate, it got so bad that his MTI took away the first day of base liberty, and three hours per day after that :( But just know that there IS an end, and tell your husband that too! Encourage him as much as you can through your letters, Chase says it's what got him through!


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