friday update #7

Oh goodness, I'm not doing so well with getting these posts up in a timely manner.  I have a good excuse though, I was cleaning my house and then working and then I drove to my parents house for Easter weekend!  However, while cleaning my house, I finished some projects that I hadn't completed and took pictures for you!  I promise I was thinking about you and all that I had to share with you.

Today, I'm going to give you my first real update rather than just a reveal.  I'm so excited to show you what I've completed in a room, finally.

Here we goooo....

Let me warn you, this isn't a HUGE change, but it's at least some change and I'm super excited to share it.  I'm going to show you my craft room.  Remember what it looked like when I shared with you at the beginning of Friday Updates?  Let me refresh your memory:

Now that you remember, let's take a look at the changes.

So, this hasn't changed all that much, I know.  I just tried to pretty up the futon a little bit.  I do have some fabric to make pillows.  They have some great colors that I want to bring it, some pinks and yellows and greens...all girly, flowery, sweet goodness!  Check out that rug, please!  I got that little dandy at Wal-Mart for just $7...that's right, you read it right...just seven buck-a-roos.

(do you hear the angles singing?) I am so proud of that memo board, I am in stinkin' love with it, too!  I'll be posting soon about how I made it and giving you a closer look.  The desk still pretty much looks the same, probably more stuff is piled up there, though!

From here, there isn't much difference...still have that stupid tote full of junk that needs to find a home.  Behind that closet door, it's not pretty!

I did however, find a new home for my vacuum.  You can see Audrey peeking out from back there....she just wants to be hung up on that wall.  She's begging for it.  She'll get on the wall soon enough, I just have to find the perfect spot and the perfect accents.

There it is, my first before and after, kind of...hope you enjoyed it!

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