friday update #5

This weeks room isn't so much a room...it's a closet/hallway/wee little nook of our house.

I am going to share with you our laundry closet/hallway...nook...whatever!  The hallway leading to our guest rooms and guest bathroom has a closet where the washer and dryer hook-ups are.  We were SO excited to finally be able to do laundry at our house, on our schedule...for FREE!  We went to Best Buy (hello, reward zone = points = gift certificates = a happy husband = a happy wife....got it?) and found the Samsung front loading washer and dryer of our dreams.  God COMPLETELY and TOTALLY provided for us, allowing us to get them for a steal of a price...about 1/4 off of the budget we'd allowed for them.

When our new ''family members arrived to our new apartment, we set them right up in their new homes...and realized the stupid closet doors wouldn't shut.  So, my husband took them off and now they are leaning against the wall in my craft room.  The laundry/storage closet was completely open and viewable by all who walk past.  I had to do something...it needed some prettying up.

I knew right away the color scheme I wanted to go with the area...and I have no real clue where the inspiration came from.  I wanted bright red and teal and my sweet hubby said "ok honey, whatever you want!"  What a guy, huh?  I started with my first problem....all the crap that I had to store in there!

I found some fabric storage bins at Wal-Mart in teal and red.  I bought five of those.  I knew that I wouldn't be able to store everything that I needed int hat closet in those bins.  The bins were on sale for $3 a piece.  I then hot glued on some paper flowers that I picked up at Michael's in their dollar section!  I got two packs.  My total spent on this section is $17!  What an impact it makes, though.  It brings a bold splash of color as well as organizing and concealing all of my cleaning supplies!

I decided on a curtain to hide the other half of the closet space.  To make the curtains, I measured how far down I would want to curtains to hang down and also how far over I wanted the curtains to go.  I then went and got about a yard of red and white striped fabric from Wa;-Mart, for a total of about $3.  I then just hot glued the hemming on the curtains (like I did for my bedroom and living room curtains) and then glued on a strip of teal ribbon to the bottom.

I love how my closet turned out.  I have one more project to complete and then this will be another room in my house checked off of the decorating list!

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